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The Scars Of Gaia by R.P. Lauer

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction Aproximate Word Count: 115k Words Release Date: May 28, 2021
The Scars Of Gaia by R.P. Lauer
In the war torn world of Gaia, only two nations have survived the years of conflict. One covets power and strength, while the other covets science and knowledge. Both believe that they alone follow the true path of God.

James, a poverty-stricken merchant in the nation of strength, struggles to provide for himself and his mother. In his travels, his life will become intertwined with Claire; a scientist on the wrong path from the rival nation of knowledge. They meet on a day like any other, but events will transpire which alter the course of fate.

Together they will discover answers for their own lives, while also uncovering deeper secrets within the world around them. Can the two of them help bring compassion to a world of arrogance, oppression and brutality? As they begin to unravel the thread of truth and myth, they will be forced to ask:

Can compassion heal The Scars Of Gaia?
More Stories

I have written a few short stories set in the world of Gaia and before the events of The Scars Of Gaia. I will link to them here as they are posted. (These can now be downloaded HERE as a mini-eBook)

Broken - Her nation; destroyed. Her friends; dead. Alex must now learn how to survive alone in the wreckage of her former life.

The Forsaken - The Forsaken are cast-outs in the world of Gaia; those abandoned by the spirit of God. A stupid mistake lands Dan, one of the Forsaken in the Deice Imperium, into a situation where one wrong move will end his life. Fitting, as a stupid mistake cast him out in the first place.

Copyright © 2020 R.P. Lauer
All artwork by: B.C. Mitchell
Edited by R.P. Lauer, Timothy Repasky & T.A. Nieman
Published by Distant Words Publishing
Library of Congress Control Number: TXu 2-222-583
eBook ISBN: 978-1-7366552-0-7
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7366552-1-4
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7366552-2-1
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