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Distant Words Publishing is an Independent Publisher created for a singular purpose: to act as a face for my own self-publishing endeavor. However, in the process of preparing my own book, it occurred to me that I may have more to offer than simply releasing my own, singular novel. With what I have already learned, and what I hope to continue learning, I very well could find myself in a position to help other authors in the self-publishing process.

I cannot make any promises or guarantees. I may get to the end of this journey and want nothing more to do with publishing. It is also equally possible that I will get through this venture with enough knowledge and understanding to be of real assistance to other aspiring authors.

Honestly, only time will tell for sure one way or the other. But one thing is certain; if I do set out to help other authors, my services will not be for everyone. Most, in fact, will probably be able to handle the process all on their own. Those that cannot, or simply do not want to handle the finer details? They are the ones I hope to be able to assist.

For right now, my goal will be to simply get through publishing my own novel, The Scars of Gaia. Once I make a final decision, I will do my best to provide as much information as possible. So if this sounds like something that may interest you, please be sure to check back sometime next year (2021).

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