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Stories From Gaia by R.P. Lauer

Genre: Fantasy Aproximate Word Count: 10k Release Date: 2/22/2021
Stories From Gaia by R.P. Lauer
The following are two previously posted Short Stories set in the world of Gaia, from the novel, The Scars Of Gaia. Some characters will be unique to these stories, others will feature to some degree in that novel. These stories are just a small slice of what will be found within that story.

Broken - Her nation; destroyed. Her friends; dead. Alex must now learn how to survive alone in the wreckage of her former life.

The Forsaken - The Forsaken are cast-outs in the world of Gaia; those abandoned by the spirit of God. A stupid mistake lands Dan, one of the Forsaken in the Deice Imperium, into a situation where one wrong move will end his life. Fitting, as a stupid mistake cast him out in the first place.
Copyright © 2020 R.P. Lauer
Cover artwork by: B.C. Mitchell
Edited by R.P. Lauer & Timothy Repasky
Published by Distant Words Publishing
Library of Congress Control Number for The Scars Of Gaia:
TXu 2-222-583
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